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Opiate Addiction: Poem from the Dark

This initial blog is dedicated to one of my first opiate addicted clients from 25 years ago and it describes the struggle with opiate addiction. Every client that has read it relates and feels the dark chills of recognition.

The poem was given to me and has been read and copied hundreds of times. Feel free to share as you see appropriate. My apologies if the poem offends you-is not my intent.


So now little man, you’re tired of grass

LSD, acid, cocaine, and hash

When someone pretending to be a true friend

Said “I’ll introduce you to Miss Heroin”

Well, honey, before you start fooling with me

Let me inform you of just how it’ll be

For I will seduce you and make you my slave.

I’ve sent stronger men than you straight to their grave.

You’ll think you could never be such a disgrace

Then you’ll end up addicted to poppy seed waste.

You’ll start by inhaling me, one afternoon

Then you’ll take me into your arms very soon.

And once I have entered deep down in your vein

The craving will really drive you insane.

You’ll need lots of money (have you already been told?)

For darling, I am much more expensive than gold.

You’ll swindle you mother for less than a buck,

You’ll end up an animal, vile and corrupt.

You’ll mug and you’ll steal for a narcotic charm

And only feel content when I’m deep in your arm.

One day you’ll realize the monster you’re grown,

Then solemnly promise to leave me alone.

If you think you’ll have the mystical knack

Just come on and try getting me off your back.

The vomit, the cramps, your guts in a knot,

The jangling nerves screaming for just one more shot.

The hot chill, the cold sweats, the withdrawal pains

Can only be eased by my little white grains.

There is no other way, no need to look

For deep down inside you’ll know that you’re hooked.

You’ll desperately run to the pusher and then

You’ll welcome me back to your vein once again.

And when you return, as I have foretold,

You’ll ultimately give me your body and soul.

You’ll give up our morals, your conscience, your heart

And then you’ll be mine, ‘til death do us part.

Author Unknown.

I have spent 20+ years encouraging and supporting individuals who want to rid themselves of the “mistress” before “death do us part”. My heart bleeds for those we have lost, children, parents, friends, loved ones. My sympathy if you, my reader, have lost anyone you love to this vicious addiction.

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